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Terms and Conditions

1. List of definitions

The following is a list of words and/or expressions that will be used in these terms of use. Whenever a name, statement or other subject of the following list is used, read it as described below.
Author's email
The PHP Script
The Script files, sourcecodes, images, modules and all other files which are included in the distribution.
The Website
The official Simple PHP Scripts website (
The written approval (e-mail or paper) from the author ProfiAnts.

2. General terms

These terms of use will be related to the use of any of the Scripts version and/or distribution. By either downloading, installing and/or using any of the Scripts you declare that you have read, understood and accepted these rules. Changes and additions will be notified via the official Simple PHP Scripts website, and will be included in all the distributions of the Scripts.

3. Downloading and distributing

Any of our Scripts may be downloaded, installed and used, but may not be distributed in any way without approval of the author. Our Scripts is not for resale. Once the script is purchased, you receive Developer License and access to the full source codes. You may edit/improve the codes to suit your needs and meet your requirements.

4. General usage

You may not use the entire, or parts, of the scripts/sourcecode for use in other applications, scripts, products, or for use of personal gain whatsoever.

5. Linking to Simple PHP Scripts website

If you would like to place a link on your own website/document, link to the main page of Simple Forum PHP with the next code:
<a href="">Simple PHP Scripts - Helps web developers do better websites! </a>