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Here you could see how FAQ Script PHP works in demo mode.
Feel free to login the admin area and see how to manage frequently asked questions script. Username: admin; Password: 123

Note, that this is demo of FAQ Script PHP, but the questions and answers are real. In the time we will try to answer all your questions about the scripts.

Also, the script does not include the header, footer or menus of our presentation website. If you want to see the demo in a clean front-end mode, please click here.
Frequently Asked Questions
General Script Questions (3)
General Questions and Answers about the scripts made by ProfiAnts(Simple PHP Scripts)
License Questions (2)
License, Terms and Conditions of the scripts developed by ProfiAnts(Simple PHP Scripts).
Script Usage Questions (3)
How to use some features of the scripts. Upload images, Add videos, text formatting, etc...
Scripts Code Questions (2)
Questions and answers for the html/php codes and code snippets in the scripts.
Simple CMS PHP v2.0
June, 2018 (major update)
Newsletter Script PHP v2.1
May, 2018 (minor update)
News Script PHP v2.1
May, 2018 (minor update)
FAQ Script PHP v2.2
May, 2018 (minor update)
Funeral Script PHP v2.2
May, 2018 (minor update)
News Script PHP Pro v2.1
May, 2018 (minor update)
Event Script PHP v2.0
April, 2018 (major update)
Contact Form PHP v3.2
March, 2018 (minor update)
Guestbook Script PHP v2.1
March, 2018 (minor update)
Classified Ads Script PHP v1.7
March, 2018 (minor update)