Argentina's coach: It was terrible day for Argentina
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Captain Aleksiev and his teammates were unstoppable in attack
Captain Aleksiev and his teammates were unstoppable in attack
Sofia, Bulgaria, June 21, 2013 - Bulgaria swept Argentina on Saturday at the 2013 World League, 3-0, (25-18, 25-21, 25-16). 

"It was just a bad day for Argentina,” Argentina’s coach Weber said. “We were physically prepared but we just played terrible.”

“Bulgaria made a big difference in attack and block,” said Bulgaria’s head coach Camillo Placi. “This match had two important moments - in the beginning of the first set when we lead 7-1, which gave us a positive start. And the start of the second set when we were four points behind, but with the service of Valentin Bratoev we managed to catch up with the result and this helped us to win.”

“The big difference was the attack,” Placi said. “Argentina is one team which we really respect because they perform very good tactically. After tonight’s dinner we will begin working for the match tomorrow, and it may be a completely different match.”

“It was really a difficult match that we prepared for very strong and confidently,” said Bulgaria’s Todor Aleksiev. “For first time we play well against Argentina and we blocked them 16 times, which is fantastic. I am really happy that we play very strong in the second set and this was the key to win this match.”

“First, I want to congratulate Camillo and the Bulgarian team on this victory,” said Argentina’s head coach Javier Weber. “There was one big difference between the Bulgarian and Argentinian attack and I think this was the main difference in the match. Our performance in the first set was really bad but somehow we managed to play slightly better in the second game. We know that if we play against such a big team in this way, we can’t win.”

“Congratulations to Bulgaria on this victory,” said Argentina’s captain Luciano De Cecco. “I think we started very well, but we couldn’t show our best play. We still have to learn how to play in games like this and we should learn to improve. We have a long way to go, step by step, in order to improve our game.”

Bulgaria and Argentina play again Sunday in Bulgaria.