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We make simple scripts based on PHP and MySQL and help web developers to create better websites. Each of our scripts can be integrated into your web page, fit the design and colors, and make your website look completed. Here is the list of our PHP scripts:

Classified Ads Script PHP - Once this script is installed on your website, the visitors will be able to place free advertisements. It could be used in different categories.

Contact Form PHP - For almost all the websites the contacts are the most important thing, so this script could be used to create a contact form and fit the colors and design of the page.

Design Blog PHP - Blog script based on PHP/MySQL. Posts are arranged in a grid. Design is fully responsive. Allow visitors to comment on posts.

Event Calendar PHP - Script for your website with options to add events and show them in event calendar, event list or both.

Event Script PHP - Simple events list script, suitable for announcing music, municipality, community or any other events. Allow visitors to submit their events.

FAQ Script PHP - Knowledgebase "Frequently Asked Questions" script. It could be added into any website and answer the questions of the visitors.

Funeral Script PHP - Suitable for funeral homes, or just placing obituaries on any website, etc... It support condolences(comments) feature.

GuestBook Script PHP - Could be used on your comments or testimonials page in any kind of websites - hotels, web services, outsource services, product comments, etc...

Memorial Inscriptions PHP - Similar to Funeral Script PHP, but support some other features for memorials. It support "leave a momory"(In Memoriam comments) feature.

News Script PHP - Simple script for creating news on your website. Support categories, but no complicated menus and features.

News Script PHP Pro - More advanced news script with so many features, like Categories, Editors(Authors), Archived News, Top News, News Slider, Comments on news, etc...

NewsLetter Script PHP - News subscription script where you create news and send them like newsletters to the subscribers. Also the news could be placed on the website.

Newspaper Script PHP - Showing news items in a grid. Support categories, no complicated menus and features.

Photo Gallery PHP - Photo gallery script - images are ordered in grid. Enlarge on click. Photos are separated in albums.

Simple Blog PHP - Similar to wordpress blog, but it can be included into your existing website and fit your design and layout. No complicated menus.

Simple CMS PHP - The script could be used to control the content of the pages of your already built website. It has very simple admin area.

Simple Forum PHP - Very simple forum than can fit in the design of your website. It could be used as discussion board as well. Support moderators.

Slideshow Script PHP - Slideshow for your web pages. You can create unlimited number of photo slideshows and place them on the pages of your website.

Free installation on your website
Full source code included
Fit to responsive websites
Developer License
Password protected admin area
Prevention against Javascript and MySQL injections
Single step installation
Any language support
Easy customizable css of the front-end
Copy and paste one line of code to insert the script on your webpage
Fit and adapt the design and layout of your website easily
Slideshow Script PHP v1.3
August, 2018 (minor update)
Design Blog PHP v1.2
June, 2018 (minor update)
Simple CMS PHP v2.0
June, 2018 (major update)
Newsletter Script PHP v2.1
May, 2018 (minor update)
News Script PHP v2.1
May, 2018 (minor update)
FAQ Script PHP v2.2
May, 2018 (minor update)
Funeral Script PHP v2.2
May, 2018 (minor update)
News Script PHP Pro v2.1
May, 2018 (minor update)
Event Script PHP v2.0
April, 2018 (major update)
Contact Form PHP v3.2
March, 2018 (minor update)

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