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We offer integratable blogs, news, classified ads, forum, FAQ, photo gallery and other tools and scripts that could be easily embedded into your html website and make it more dynamic and interesting for visitors. Each of our product has his own adminstration area where you will be able to manage entries, categories and options. Once integrated into your html web page the script could easily fit the design, colors and layout.
Also we provide Custom Web Development services that can fully meet your individual needs.

Integratable PHP Scripts and Tools:

Simple Blog PHP

responsive - could fit any screen - desktop, tablet or mobile device

option to use meta title and meta description, so the blog will be more SEO friendly

any language support

installation is one step simple process(we provide free installation)

WYSIWYG(text) editor for the post text

images, flash movies, vimeo and youtube videos are supported in the post message

categories, latest post titles, archive in the right-side bar(all optional)

ability to place particular category on a separate page

Design Blog PHP

fully responsive front-end - work well on all mobile phones and tablets

any language support

simple designed and protected admin area for blog management

meta title and meta description are included for better SEO

option to allow comments on each post

option to approve comments before having them listed

CSS styles could be controled in admin area options or css file

fully readable and easy customizable open php source code

Event Script PHP

responsive - could fit any screen - desktop, tablet or mobile device

visitors are able to submit their own events(optional)

categories for events

option to show the event location in google map

option to set featured event on the top of all events

option to set the number of events per page

visual(css) options in admin area for changing the colors, fonts, styles for events

News Script PHP

fully responsive - work well on mobile devices

password protected admin area from where you can control multiple options and features

publish news in any language

text editor with ability to upload images and embed youtube videos into the news content

categories for the news(optional)

meta title and meta description are included for better SEO

simple, uncomplicated script with easy to understand menus, features, etc.

anyone with a minimum knowledge of websites can install it and make it work

NewsLetter Script PHP

fully responsive subcription form and news

ability to place the newsletters subscription form on any page of your website

ability to show the subscription form fields in horizontal or vertical order

option to show the subscription form in popup window

ability to place all the created newsletters as news on a the page of your website

option to send confirmation email to verify subscribers

upload your list of email addresses from .csv file

Photo Gallery PHP

very easy to integrate into a web page - just drop a single line of code

fully responsive front-end - it works on all mobile device screens

easy one step installation wizard

password protected admin area where you could manage images, options, visual style and language

option to choose between pagination or "load more" to show more images

option to choose the number of thumbnail images per line

create unlimited number of albums

each album could be placed on a separate page of your website

Simple CMS PHP

the cms could be used in already existing websites to control their page contents

just paste the single line of code generated in admin area on the place of your page where you intend to manage the content

option to include page contents into web pages through php include, javascript or iframe embed

insert/edit/delete images, youtube and flash videos into the content

friendly administrator page

option to create users(editors) with different rights to control the page contents

More scripts and tools for your html website

News Script PHP Pro

More advanced news script with many features like Editors(Authors), Top News for your home page, News Slider, Comments on news, News Archive section and other.

Classified Ads Script PHP

Once integrated on your website, the user(vendor) will be able register and post free advertisements in different categories. Visitors are able to send requests to vendor.

Newspaper Script PHP

Could be included into any page of your website. Showing news items in a grid. Support categories, no complicated menus and features. Administrator manage all news and options.

FAQ Script PHP

Knowledgebase "Frequently Asked Questions" script. It could be added into any website. Visitor is able to submit a question. Administrator manage questions, answer and options.

Funeral Script PHP

Suitable for funeral homes or just placing obituaries on a personal website. Support condolences with "Lit a Candle" feature. Support Moderators(Editors) area with non-administrative rights.

Slideshow Script PHP

Slideshow for your web pages. You can create unlimited number of photo slideshows and place them on the pages of your website. Administration area for managing slides, categories and options.

GuestBook Script PHP

Could be used on your comments or testimonials page in any kind of websites - hotels, web or outsource services, product comments, feedback, `what our customer say` page. Admin area for managing comments.

Simple Forum PHP

Simple yet functional forum than can be integrated in the design of your website and managed by administration area. It could be used as discussion board as well.

Contact Form PHP

For almost all the websites the contacts are the most important thing, so this script could be used to create a contact form and fit colors and design of the web page. Admin manage contacts and options.

Scripts Main Features

PHP Scripts Main Features


We may handle all the installation and testing process and this will be completelly free and painless for you.


Our scripts are designed in such way that if your website is responsive the scripts front-end will fit your mobile, tablet and desktop design.


You may translate all the words and sentences in the scripts front-end and back-end in the language you need.


There are visual options in the back-end where you will be able to change colors, fonts, sizes and ther css elements of the front-end to best suit your web page.

More Features

Easy Single Step Installation

One page installation wizard will ask you for the details of installation. All the scripts come with installation instructions in the zip pack.

Protected administrator area

All the scripts are offered with administration area where the admin will be able to manage all entries, posts, news and options.

Protected against attacks

The scripts are fully protected against MySQL injections, Cross Site Scripting(XSS) attacks and external file uploads.

Full source code included

All the HTML, CSS and PHP are simple written, so any web developer/designer will be able to modify codes and change the scripts visuality and functionality.

Latest script releases

News Script PHP v2.3

December, 2023 (minor update)

Funeral Script PHP v3.2

November, 2023 (minor update)

Contact Form PHP v3.4

September, 2023 (minor update)

Photo Gallery PHP v2.1

September, 2023 (minor update)

Simple Forum PHP v2.8

July, 2023 (minor update)

Design Blog PHP v2.0

June, 2023 (major update)

Newsletter Script PHP 2.4

June, 2023 (minor update)

Simple Blog PHP v3.2

June, 2023 (minor update)

Event Script PHP v2.2

February, 2023 (minor update)

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SimplePHPScripts.com website is owned by Stoyan Nedev.
The company started in 2007 with main activity - software development.

About us

The website represents an exclusive collection of PHP/MySQL based web scripts, developed by SimplePHPScripts team.

SimplePHPScripts customers are from web development hobbyists to small companies and engineers working in web development departments in some of the largest companies in world.

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