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General scripts questions (5)
Basic questions about the scripts.
Help scripts options (5)
How to use some Visual(CSS) or Language options of the scripts.
Help Text Editor (CKeditor) (11)
Here you may find useful information about how to upload images, place youtube or vimeo videos, make an image lightboxed. Also if you don't find your answer - just submit your question and we will answer in details as soon as possible.
Installation of the scripts (7)
How to upload and install the scripts. Basic support.
License of the scripts (2)
Legal and other license information about all the scripts on our website.
Slideshow Script PHP v1.3
August, 2018 (minor update)
Design Blog PHP v1.2
June, 2018 (minor update)
Simple CMS PHP v2.0
June, 2018 (major update)
Newsletter Script PHP v2.1
May, 2018 (minor update)
News Script PHP v2.1
May, 2018 (minor update)
FAQ Script PHP v2.2
May, 2018 (minor update)
Funeral Script PHP v2.2
May, 2018 (minor update)
News Script PHP Pro v2.1
May, 2018 (minor update)
Event Script PHP v2.0
April, 2018 (major update)
Contact Form PHP v3.2
March, 2018 (minor update)
Free installation on your website
Full source code included
RSS Feed validated by W3C
Developer License
Password protected admin area
Prevention against Javascript and MySQL injections
Single step installation
Any language support
Easy customizable css of the front-end
Copy and paste one line of code to insert the script on your webpage
Fit and adapt the design and layout of your website easily