Simple CMS PHP

Simple CMS PHP is a content management system for easy web content editing and publishing. Create sections in admin area of the script and embed them into your web pages.

Simple CMS PHP

Simple CMS PHP accents

The system could be used only in already existing websites to control their page sections and contents

Just paste a single line of code on your web page section and start controlling it through the admin area

Very simple installation - one step installation wizard

Option to include contents into web page sections through php include, javascript or iframe embed.

Any language support

WYSIWYG(text) editor to styling and format contents of the sections

Suitable for web designers who work with Mobirise, Xara and other web builders.

Requirements, Version and Free Installation

Minimum requirements: PHP version 5.6 or higher(work with PHP 7.x, 8.0.x and 8.1.x) and MySQL version 5.0 or higher.

Current stable version of Simple CMS PHP is 2.2 (major update, released in November 22, 2022). Updates log.

Once you buy a script license we will install it and test it for you for free.


You can buy Simple CMS PHP with Single or Extended License:

Simple CMS PHP Features

Fully responsive front-end

Could be included into responsive web pages. Works just as well on a mobile phone, tablet and desktop.

Simple one step installation wizard

The wizard will ask you for the database connection details, and choose admin username and password.

Protected administration page

Well designed admin area will allow you to manage questions, answers, categories and options.

Any language support

You will be able to translate all the text in front-end and back-end of the script in your own language.

Fully readable source code

Easy customizable open php/html/css source code. Any web developer will be able to edit it.

Additional Visual(CSS) options

Admin is able to set the default sizes, colors, font styles of the text in sections.

Easy integration into a web page

Copy the code generated for the content in admin area and paste it into the section on your page where you want that content to appear.

Extended License

This means that you may install the script unlimited times without restriction for the number of domains.

WYSIWYG editor

Text editor for styling and format contents of the sections. Also, ability to add images and videos.

Latest code standards

In the script are used latest code standards for PHP - it will work with all new versions of PHP 7.x.