Simple Blog PHP - Updates Log

Updates Log by date of release. Minor and major versions of Simple Blog PHP.

Major Update 3.0 - January 31, 2018
  • new responsive front-end design;
  • right column added(optional) - with search, categories, latest posts and archive blocks;
  • new version of text editor;
  • option to choose between the classic and modern image uploader to the post text;
  • pagination changed classic pagination(mobile friendly);
  • new design of datetime picker;
  • new captcha image added(reCaptcha no longer supported);
Minor Update 2.1 - June 20, 2017
  • new fonts added;
  • option for placing different category on a separate page on the website;
  • new color picker in admin area;
  • blog tags added;
Major Update 2.0 - June 29, 2016
  • new responsive design;
  • php code changed to work with latest versions of PHP 5 and 7;
  • images uploaded by kcfinder - responsive;
  • admin area responsive on tablets;
  • comments form responsive;
  • share buttons changed;
  • email in comments optional;
  • search become mobile friendly;
  • pagination changed to load more button with visual options;
  • categories added to the script;
  • "back to top" button added;
  • category name added next to date on the posts list and post full page;
  • "back to top" button added;
Minor Update 1.6 - February 07, 2016
  • new design and buttons;
  • new fonts added;
  • added new visual options for summary title and summary text;
  • adding "%" in general width;
Minor Update 1.5 - November 11, 2015
  • add order by number of comments in admin area -> Post list;
  • more info in readme.html file - how to put on webpage, how to change the admin login details;
  • adding email address and name in the email message to admin when a new comment is submitted;
  • removed tinymce and nicedit;
  • CKeditor updated to newer version;
  • adding lightbox option in CKeditor;
  • new search button
Minor Update 1.4 - March 10, 2015
  • CSS excuded into external css php file;
  • next post, previos post, home at the bottom of post page;
  • new design for the admin area;
  • text size "A+/a-" option;
Minor Update 1.3 - October 29, 2014
  • database connection changed from mysql_ to mysqli_;
  • php warnings and notices removed
  • changing php code to the latest code standards;
  • new design for the front-end;
  • new pagination added - similar to this in ebay;
  • share buttons option to align left/right;
  • set time zone in admin options;
  • option on/off comments by default;
  • php include for meta tags in Put on WebPage added;
  • option on/off comments by default;
  • select multiple comments to delete at once(bulk);
  • language file for admin language translation;
  • language file for admin language translation;
Minor Update 1.2 - December 05, 2012
  • commenter IP and banning options added for the comments;
  • comments resubmitting fixed;
  • tinymce and nicedit added
Minor Update 1.1 - September 03, 2011
  • more fonts added;
  • "url of the the page where the blog is placed" - option added;
  • disable/enable option for search bar added;
  • share buttons show/hide option added;
  • easy comments "approve" with a drop-down menu in comments list;
  • date and time format in different languages;
  • option to choose between different captcha images;
  • pagination improvement with next/previous buttons;
  • vulnerability fix
Script Release - version 1.0 - February 22, 2010